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Question FastDL not working:(

So yeah, my fastDL for my server won't work. Trust me, I'VE SEARCHED. Been looking around for an hour now. No helpful things. So I'm going to make my own. First off. Here's my full server.cfg
// server name
hostname "trueg.net| TrueG RP [No-Lag - FastDL]" 

// DarkRP Lines
rp_toolgun 1

// rcon passsword
rcon_password "----" 

// Server password
sv_password "" 

// server cvars
sv_defaultgamemode "DarkRP"
sv_region 5
sbox_noclip 0
sbox_maxprops 40
sbox_maxnpcs 0
sbox_maxwheels 0
sbox_maxthrusters 0
sbox_maxbuttons 6
sbox_maxeffects 0
sbox_maxemitters 0
sbox_maxragdolls 0
sbox_maxvehicles 0
sbox_toolgun 1

sbox_godmode 0
sbox_ppldamage 1

sv_allowupload 1
sv_allowdownload 1
sv_downloadurl "trueg.net/garrysmod"
net_maxfilesize 1000

// execute ban files
exec banned_user.cfg 
exec banned_ip.cfg
And in my fastDL folder there is everything but Addons, CFG, BIN, DATA.
So why won't it work? I've tried around with everything and I still download at a cheap 7 or so kbps
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start the URL off with Http:// for starters.
READ: http://maurits.tv/data/garrysmod/wik...sv_downloadurl

What are you trying to send to the clients?

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