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Turkish Mafia
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RIFT $5 Sale + Ascend-a-Friend

If anyone is looking to get started I am on Faeblight. The server is so bustling that some minor queues even occur every now and then.

I would be more than glad to help you out and buy you your first mount if you are willing to use my ascend-a-friend link:


It truly has many benefits for us both!
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Not a bad idea.

For the US players (Or people who wants to play on the US servers) then I'm on 'Deepwood' and will gladly help anyone who goes Defiant.

My Ascend-a-friend link

Note that by using one of the links you'll get:
Wages of loyalty

You will receive these special rewards for answering your friend’s call:

Novitiate's Phylactery - A trinket that increases all experience gained by 5% until level 20!
Special in-game title: “The Chosen”
You and your friend will be linked forever, able to teleport to one another’s locations once every thirty minutes.
You and your friend will have all of each other's characters automatically entered in your Friends Lists.
and if you sign up:
If you choose to purchase and subscribe* to RIFT at any time while playing RIFT Lite, you will also receive Ascended Treasure, a wondrous chest containing the following rewards:

10x Inscribed Sourcestone
5x Plaque of Achievement
3x Mark of Ascension
2x Lucky Coin
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Just getting back to rift, and used your code. On Faeblight with the LVL 20 trial ATM, but will likely sub again.

Was thinking abou going Guardian, but Im curious .. hows the Pop. balance on Faeblight?
I remember when I played before (another server) Guardians were outnumbered bigtime by Defiants.
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