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Originally Posted by brataccas View Post
youre a selfish sack of . please, never ever get married or have kids.
Harsh... and hillarious... and true.
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Originally Posted by NeoGalaxy View Post
To be honest I bought for myself a Indie Bundle and... Jamestown is not worth the money but "And Yet It Moves" is awesome and from that bundle, Shank and "Super Meat Boy" are both awesome also. If you wanna play a game similar to Jamestown try Raptor. It's an old game but it's 100 times more interesting and way more advanced in terms of gameplay and action than this game.
I like Jamestown a lot, I find it a good challenge, and it has great music. Raptor was incredible though, I remember playing it all the time when I went round my friends house years ago and we loved it!

There was another one similar to it he had too but I can't remember what it was called, and it was set in space. I also remember there being a cheat to instantly teleport to level 29 in the first level too....
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I personally never really cared for Raptor.

Tyrian is where it was at, back in the day! And Tyrian 2000 is freeware now too!
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