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What's coming in 1.3

Hi everyone, just thought I'd drop by and let you know what fixes/improvements are in the pipeline for the 1.3 update.

-Fixed ways to get stuck in a troublesome room.
-Decreased the difficulty on a prohibitively hard room.
-Adjusted the sound on one of the tiles to be less ear shattering
-Reminder about Flash using cookies to save
-Redundancy check for erasing a save
-Fixed some map display issues
-Added map moving
-Added auto save, will auto save when you complete a room

And maybe some other things if they come up. I'm unsure of when the update can be out, but I'm trying to make it as soon as possible.

Cheers, Brandon Brizzi
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A big YES! to the auto save. Sometimes I forget to hit save and *poof*, all dark again.

And does this "map moving" thing mean we will be able to finally scroll the map screen around to see any rooms we might have missed? If so, thanks, I kept trying to do that with the current map.
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