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Only played MI 1&2 will i like these?


i have only played the secret of monkey island and monkey island 2 le chucks revenge, will i like these?
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Short answer: Yes

Long answer: Yes, because erm... look behind you! A three-headed monkey! *runs away*

seriously, it is a fun game with enough of the originals DNA in it to be worth a buy by anyone who enjoys an amusing adventure game. If you have any knowledge of the Monkey Island universe, which is your case, even better because you'll know the old characters that are brought back as well as being able to better understand and enjoy the story.
and while you're at it, make an effort to find and play the Curse of Monkey Island, a very good Monkey Island game also.

If you didn't play Curse because you couldn't stand a voiced Guybrush with cartoon-ish visuals, like some hardcore fans, then you probably won't like these series also but at this price is well worth the try...
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I don't know ... I'm currently asking myself a similar question, but I'm leaning towards a very different answer. Possibly because I played the original four games and other Telltale games ...

I loved the old Lucasfilm and later "Lucas Arts" adventures to death.

I even liked the original Sam & Max which was, arguably, one of the weaker titles but still managed to be among the best and funniest point and clicks ever made ...

... and because I wanted to relive the feeling I played Telltales Sam & Max entire first season and in the end I neither enjoyed myself nor did it have any memorable moments. "Forgettable" and "not really worth the time" where the kindest words I could find. The humor was stale and obviously written by fans of the original without any of the talent of the original writers and the puzzles weren't on par either (not that the original was really that great in that area to begin with).

It felt like the games did to the original classic what "The Phantom Menace" did to the Star Wars franchise: Lifeless 3D animation, annoying characters, clumsy and unfunny dialogs and simply not "getting" what made the originals so great.

Everything that I saw of ToMI so far seems to indicate that the experience will be quite similar, with one minor difference: It seems to capture one previous installment of the franchise almost perfectly!

Sadly, it's Monkey Island 4: Both feature sub-par and lifeless 3D graphics, both trade established and proven point and click controls (so proven, that the entire genre was named after them) for something completely idiotic and game-spoiling and both think that lame self-references are an acceptable substitute for actual humor when catering to the original fanbase.

But, then again, there is very little else these days and I can't infinitely replay the classics or even Psychonauts ...

So, maybe, just maybe, there is enough substance in these games to overlook all of the obvious flaws. Even with Indiana Jones 4 there were a couple of scenes I could genuinely enjoy ... although a fairly small number surrounded but stuff that spoiled the movie for me ("Nuked the Fridge" is the new "Jumped the Shark").

So, is ToMI closer to Indiana Jones 4 or the Star Wars Christmas Special? Neither are great, but one at least is watchable without making your brain trying to escape from your skull too hard?
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if you have played mi4 ie Escape from Monkey Island and liked it, you will like tales of monkey island its similar game play but much more graphics
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Originally Posted by freibooter View Post
It felt like the games did to the original classic what "The Phantom Menace" did to the Star Wars franchise: Lifeless 3D animation, annoying characters, clumsy and unfunny dialogs and simply not "getting" what made the originals so great.
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Old thread but interesting question. I just finished playing through the TMI series.

Curse (MI3) introduced voice acting as well as a big shift in graphic style that set the direction for future sequels and the recent Special Editions. It kept the point-and-click interface and stayed closest to the tone of the originals, but if you haven't played it, the later games will seem like greater departures from the series than they are. Tales also brings back the (talented) principal voice actors from Curse for continuity.

Tales is a standalone story. You don't need to play any of the previous games to follow it. It's worth playing Curse for its own merits and to appreciate the many references to it in Tales. Escape (MI4) was disappointing and can be ignored if you're not a completionist.

Good things about Tales:

Art style. Escape's blocky 3D was an ugly downgrade, but here it's detailed and creative. It's credible as a 3D MI sequel. Animation is nice & smooth too.

Voice acting. Every line by every actor is delivered in character and with appropriate inflection. There isn't a single poor voice actor. It makes the whole game more enjoyable. Guybrush is always fun to listen to, enough that I reloaded a few spots where his response options were meaningless just to hear his delivery.

Music. Lots of revised tunes from the older games, plus some new ones as well. Again, no weak spots.

Puzzles. There are some creative and satisfying puzzles throughout the series.

Humor. Some genuinely unexpected and funny spots in every episode. Guybrush is as willing as ever to badger people incessantly. The Pyrite Parrot never gets old.

Characterization. Guybrush is still Guybrush, Elaine is still Elaine, LeChuck is still LeChuck, etc. Good new supporting characters like the frighteningly optimistic Mr. Winslow, frighteningly foppish Marquis De Singe, and earnest but interesting Morgan LeFlay.

Nostalgia. There are lots of shoutouts to the previous games, yet for the most part they aren't overdone or used to carry Tales. Worn-out gameplay elements like insult swordfighting are referenced without trying to make them central. Tales respects its predecessors without trying to clone them. Perfect balance.

Closure. Tales leaves a much better aftertaste than Escape.

Bad things about Tales:

Plot. The plot is interesting most of the way through the game, but it doesn't quite deliver on the buildup by the end. Many of the main plot points are predictable. The game also makes the same mistake as Escape by trying to retcon Big Reveals into the MI universe. It's not as bad as in Escape but it's still unnecessary. Tales' writing isn't bad, just lazier in spots than its quality elsewhere suggests it had to be.

Melodrama. MI1&2 didn't pin significant parts of their story to the emotions beneath the Guybrush-Elaine-LeChuck relationship. Neither did MI3. They didn't suffer for it. The romance and obsessions were just a skeleton to carry the games' carefree silliness. Tales tries to take seriously emotional situations that just didn't register in the earlier games. It makes Tales less gamey and more like a mainstream movie.

Humor. Some of the humor is forced. MI always had funny grossout moments, and there are some good ones in Tales as well, but others are just gratuitously gross. Sometimes it feels like the writers are trying to aim younger and failing. A curse taking the form of a giant voodoo hand delivering a wedgie isn't especially funny. A pirate fawning over collectible action figures just seems strange. There's also some inevitable Simpsonization of punchlines and delivery in a few spots, which like most Simpsonization detracts from rather than adds to the source. Lots of missed opportunities with Stan the Salesman, too. There's still plenty of funny stuff in Tales, but it's not all up to the standards of the first 3 games.

Puzzles. Some of them are absurdly simple, some have good design but are too easy to stumble through, and some are not quite polished enough. There were several times I knew what I was trying to do but not the exact way to do it. Tales is often much more linear than previous games in the series, so that you're rarely trying to solve more than two or three specific puzzles at any time. Oddly, the collect-and-use various items puzzles were usually less satisfying than the puzzles that restrict you to a particular room, action sequence, etc. The final episode also has a particularly annoying layout that requires constant backtracking across several scenes even with full knowledge of what needs to be done.

Budget. Tales makes good use of its budget. The talent is consistently high. The games don't have obvious missing sections or horribly rushed endings. However, it's obvious that Tales had to leave things out. For instance, Guybrush has some very funny comments for using certain objects on certain targets, but other objects get a generic "Nah." Characters and locations that should logically be accessible are unavailable in some episodes. Almost all buildings are purely decorative. There are no random bystanders to make ships and towns feel fully populated. Most episodes are restricted to just a handful of rooms, although the game plays around with the scale to make small environments feel much larger. Previous MI games, even Escape, never felt so constrained by budget.

Interface. Walking around with the arrow keys gamepad-style works all right. Items are mouse-clickable, so you don't have to painfully position yourself with the keys until Guybrush points his head the right way. But it's still clunky. Holding down keys to move everywhere gets very old. There's no good design reason for not enabling move-to-location clicking, so it's either a budget limitation or poor design. Accessing, examining, and using inventory takes more clicks than needed, too. Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures was the same way.

Ending. The final battle is rather anticlimactic, and the ending sequence is fairly weak. It doesn't live up to the promise of the series. A couple of main supporting characters don't get the closure they should. There's a cliffhanger of sorts that isn't necessary. Still much better than the final hour of Escape.

Overall it's well worth playing. Even though the ending was a letdown, there were lots of good moments on the way to it, and it's hard to stay mad at Guybrush very long.
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I kind of enjoyed the first season of Sam and Max, they were kind of "sunday afternoon" games, light on humour, not particularly challenging or clever but just enough to while away a few hours a month. There were a few entertaining moments when Max became president but not much more.

ToMI is quite a lot better in all regards but it's still not really like the orginals. Worth a go but try to contain your expectations. I would definitely recommend these first if you can reasonably get hold of them

Curse of Monkey Island
Sam and Max Hit the Road
Day of the Tentacle
Time Gentlemen Please!

And if you don't mind playing slightly more serious games

Beneath a Steel Sky
Broken Sword 1 & 2.
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I played all the series, i did not liked MI4, but i loved the Tales of Monkey Island, the story telling is best from the whole series, and there are not illogical puzzles like in Mi1 and Mi2.
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its no where near as good as the first 2 monkey islands was never going to be to be fair but its still decent worth a play through if your into monkey island games defanatly not the worst of the series the only down point is that the chapters are to short for my liking.
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Short answer - yes.

There are a little on the short side and not particularly challenging, but they are good for a laugh.
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I think they are different in tone to the (gorgeous) first two Monkey Island games, but they are good, anyway. Good as the average Telltale adventure, which means that some episodes are brilliant and others are a bit dull. They work better as a whole, though. I like the Telltale Sam&Max games more, though.
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Quick question: is this entire pack runs from 1 icon or it has 5 icons to cluster my games list?
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Originally Posted by wvpr View Post
Voice acting. Every line by every actor is delivered in character and with appropriate inflection. There isn't a single poor voice actor.
The always shrieking and screaming woman who plays Elaine is terrible, but otherwise fully agree with your post.
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Originally Posted by Smith001 View Post
Quick question: is this entire pack runs from 1 icon or it has 5 icons to cluster my games list?
5 icons. They should have made it into one like jurassic park.

Anyway loved this latest installment of the series & waiting for another, I read at telltale forum that a comic has been released named The end of Monkey island or something like that, maybe they will make it into a game.
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In all fairness, it's five entirely independent games. Each can be installed and uninstalled without interfering with the others, there is no transfer of savegames or settings etc. I actually like that I can uninstall the earlier episodes when I'm done with them.

But if you really hate clutter so much, this is not for you. With close to 400 games in my list these don't really matter much to me.
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