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I got 2 questions...

I've owned this game for quite some time, stopped playing because I got busy with some other games, now Im back to it and I face 2 problems:

1.-cant find the ID of any song! thus cant accsess leaderboards or even save my score etc. what can I do? is this part of the devs being dead or something I read on other thread?

2.-I own a midi controller (keyboard) is there any way I can play with it? like replace the "asdf" from my pc keyboard to lets say "cdef" on my music midi keyboard?

I've tried but it seems like it just wont recognize it's keys or something.

cheers and thanks for your help
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It sounds like you're having the same problem i'm having. I'm starting to wonder if the place where all there information is stored has been shut down. I only have the one song i'm able to play myself, it's the fusion song.
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