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Keyboard sensitivity ? bug ?

Hi there, before explaining my problem, I want to say that I'm a french player, so sorry for my eventually bad english langage, however I hope you'll still understand me ^^'

So, as the titlle said, I think there is a seriously big issue with the keyboard sensitivity (I don't know if it's the same with a game controller) and I'm pretty sure that's not coming from my keyboard (I still cleaned it, just in case haha). This problem is seen particularly when I use the dash button (assigned to shift in my config,and before you ask: yes i've tried other keys and yes, that's only concerning the dash movement). Let me explain it clearly:
-I start a round, everything is ok, I can dash as hell every 1 microsecond
-For any reason I'm dead ("stupid fu**** spikes I hate you !")
-Now my dash is no longer at all in accordance with my haste to hit shift. It's just as if the game suddenly became unable to transcribe correctly all the dash I wanna do.
-Even if I restart the round, sometimes it's better but still not enough as the beginning or it can be absolutly worst making the round impossible to beat if I wanna speedrun it... Sometimes I'm lucky and everything back to normal after several restarts, but that's still boring and occasionally the difference isn't really apparent (but just enough to kill me, I love when it happens, specially when i'm close to the end of a perfect run).

So here are the questions: Is there a way to fix it ? Am I the only one ? I think I'm not, but I haven't found any subject about it even if that's a recurrent problem for me, sometimes I've got to restart the round 3/4 times before recovering a normal sensitivity... And honestly, that's becoming reaaaaaally boring, especially for a game where perfection is the rule (trust me, when you have to restart the game 200 times because you die normally in addition to die 100 others times cause you have a bad sensitivty, you can turn yourself into berzerker).

Well,I hope I was clear, once again sorry for my grammar / orthography. If ever you did not understand, I think I can make a video to explain the problem ...

Thank you for any answer !

Oh, I almost forgot: this text was powered by google translator, my biggest english friend
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i might know what your talking about i been having trouble with my dash key as well im not using the default settings but i can be hitting dash for about 5 seconds and im just still normal running but i was thinking it was my keyboard or my computer being old
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Dezet - This problem plagued me the entire game. I don't know why, but sometimes the dash button just does not register mid-air. It sort of feels like the game ignores the dash if it's pressed too quickly in relation to a jump or another dash command, but whatever it is, it definitely drove me crazy to keep falling to my death when I know I pressed the dash button. Still managed to SS the game, though.
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same here.
I can spam dash button like a crazy and if luck is on my side stupid character would possibly do me a favor and give me some dash combo but most of the times it ignores any hitting of the button.
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