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Jesus, use the boomerang. Auto aim means lag is not an issue and you can hit three people in one throw. Plus, it's a great weapon all around to stun people. I kick with the boomerang.

I also use penetrator ammo as there are way too many heavies with body armor. Penetrator ammo brings them down a few notches and rocks. It also shoots through walls!
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Counter to Dive Bomb Heavies with heavy weapons?

Hatchet : They dive bomb you, do 150 damage (medium build is 180 health); they're busy bringing up their weapon and next to you. Normally, you'd open fire only to eat a rocket in the face while they soak the damage then gun you down / explode you but just toss the hatchet in their face to kill them off instantly.

Had 2 players in the same lobby call me a noob then ragequit out once their dive bomb / rocket launcher combo failed miserably each time. Hey, you want to use a cheap tactic? Expect someone to find a counter for it
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Originally Posted by slasho_x View Post
Step 1: Get a character unlock key
Step 2: Buy the heaviest character possible
Step 3: Change your gadget to Glider
Step 4: ????
Step 5: Profit!
Dont forget: HardTarget, Armor.

Oh yeah, before the patch nerfs the AWP, buy the Buccaneer. Fans of Counter-Strike's AWP will feel at home with one bodyshot +180 damage.
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Nimble, hard headed, shotgun, hatchet, double jump boots.

Glider mighty still OP but counters well.

Make a seperate build to counter air, identical to your other but stick hard headed as the second perk and a hatchet. Also double jump works really well with a nimble class (as they have highest jump).

You get dive bombed which does little to no damage, you double jump so they lose sight of you and then when they are spinning trying to find you land next to them and hatchet to the face.

Also roll with a shotgun and penetrator bullets in case the hatchet misses, double jump should give you enough of an advantage to get the kill.

Obviously you can also put a air space denier if you want to play a more defensive version, which makes hatchetting even easier. I know lags bullspit with air space denier detection (i've had people dive bomb kill me THEN get air space denied) so i prefer the above build. Also a grappling hook might work if your hatchet misses as i believe that one hits any class (could be wrong).

This isn't guaranteed kill though which i find silly, and i fully support that Mightys should either not be able to fly or drop considerably faster (or fly slower). The fact it completely nullifies there disadvantage of speed is stupid.

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I like to glide and divebomb with all my classes (nimble ninja, burly gunner, heavy bomber). I do see an increase in fat naked blokes with trashcans strapped on them (sometimes I'm one of them if I don't play my ninja or gunner build). They go down quickly if you just move and jump when they dive and use any weapon with penetrator armor so it's not op because you can usually counter them but it can be annoying if everyone does it and you don't have a good counter.

TL DR: You can counter anything and stomping on immobile snipers in different corners of various maps is always fun.
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slasho_x are you deathheaven ingame?
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Use conch shell or boomerang. Knocks them out of the sky and stuns them.

Or, for that matter, be good with aim. Divebombing is really disorienting, so if you survive the bomb you can often kill them if you pump some rounds in them before they get their bearing.

Most gadget combos can be countered simply by... being good at the game. Not even with your own specific combos. Just don't be bad.
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Did you really bump this thread for that? The might glider issues has been discussed so much it's a dead horse by now. Yeah it sucks for new players and they call everything OP, but this thread didn't need a bump.
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Originally Posted by slasho_x View Post
Step 1: Get a character unlock key
Step 2: Buy the heaviest character possible
Step 3: Use weapon unlock on one of the rocket launchers + it's weapon mod
Step 4: ????
Step 5: Profit!
Fixed it for you to be more accurate. Glider is a lot harder to get there in score than rocket spamming. ( Yes I am aware of the counters, it is still one of the easier ways to get high score, along with some of the katana builds )

( Only posted since someone already bumped it )
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I've found that most divebombers aren't too bad most of the time, but if you run into a good one, you might as well kill yourself because you ain't killing that bastard ever, he will never be on the ground.

Whenever I see a guy pulling off one of those insane 35/4 KD ratio runs. He will always be running a Mighty/Glider/Jackhammer/Body Armor set ALWAYS.
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@OP: My friends and I don't run this setup. We are usually in the top 3 listings every game. Locke, k1ng kw1n, and klown wolf. Just gotta learn what works for you. k1ng kw1n is currently running the smallest build on skates. Not using the katana either. Granted the build you listed is easier for new players.
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I'm leetland. nuff said.

Gatekeeper, desperado, burly, skates, energy drink. And I barely get dive bombed these days, 9 out of 10 times i kill them without a problem and 6 out of 10 times i'm able to avoid them by running backwards. If you still have problems: conch, boomerang, boarding party, airspace denier or/and the FF Thick Headed to counter them.

Edit: last game 39/0. Think i've played GCI too much before it became F2P, newcomers don't stand a chance.

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7 month old thread necro +1

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