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[REQUEST] Track IR Fix.

I have been looking for the TrackIR fix and so far I found this Toca Edit thing to be the best for track IR usage.

Problem is that TocaEdit website seems to be down...
- does anyone still have this fix? if so can anyone send it to me?
- Is there a better aproach?
- Will the next fkin DLC support TrackIR? I have seen A LOT od requests for that.

If anyone can help me I will apreciate it
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We have been requesting this since the beta.
Official reply was; "we may consider it, if demand is high enough."
Many, many have requested it since then, still nothing, except to use that 3rd party software. I really doubt it will ever be supported by the devs.

I have a thing called tdu2cam. I downloaded it when it first came out. I don't know how well it works, since I am not buying this crap port until they actually fix the issues with steering wheels. However, I understand this is suppose to allow the use of TIR in the game.

PM me your addy and I will send it to you, if you want to try it. It is a small .rar file, 54KB.
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