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Crashing fullscreen

Crashing hardcore when I configure the game to run in fullscreen regardless resolution.

Win 7
GTX 450

Latest drivers for all devices.
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Could you describe the crash in a little more detail? What's happening exactly?

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i get the same thing:

library > Recettear: yadda yadda
> play Recettear: ect ect
steam puts up a window "preparing Recettear..."
screen blips (changing resolution)

windows pops up a ...window >.>;
"Recettear v1.108 has stopped working"
collects data on crash
click "close"

Goto 1

game runs fine windowed - cept i don't have any sound

checked game cache and it re-downloaded 1 file... and i lost my savegame (and i think my options config from the custom.exe thing)

tried regular (windows 7 x64) and in winXP SP3 compatability
fullscreen crashes - windowed runs fine (no sound)
in windows 7 i can just drag it to the top of the desktop and it resizes it to fill the screen (allbeit stretched side to side)

installing the DirectX 9.0 April 2005 SDK didn't fix the no sound problem

speakers configuation "exclusive" mode is enabled
setting the audio quality as low as possible didn't enable audio either

the only time it doesn't crash when set to fullscreen is when you disable |screen effects|
however, it doesn't actually start the game either - it shows up in task manager as running and the icon is on the taskbar - but the game never appears on the screen (you have to alt+tab from the game to the desktop or task manager

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I have 7/64 and a core i7 920/GTX275 on a 32" HD lcd and i have to run windowed mode at 1024 to have it run correctly, higher rez i get a black screen and error, full screen it looks crappy on mine , windowed still looks good enough to play for me.
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It doesn't work full screen for me either, though it runs fine in windowed mode with sound as well. So I will just play like that until a fix comes I guess
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