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Possibilities of the Level Editor (Preview)

First of all, you won't see the level editor itself in action here, as it just isn't polished enough to be released or shown to the public.

Though, since the functions are all here, I created a small level, showcasing the possibilities of the current level editor. So, without further ado, here is a short recording of a map entirely created in the soon-to-be-released level editor:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-4zwhWzZdI (1080p recommended)

Yes, I simply replaced a map as I was to lazy to edit the main world (aka Nexus), so ignore that. Also, the map itself is a work in progress, so by no means the final version. Also keep in mind that I whipped this level together within three days or so.

The level editor is in a closed beta, so don't ask me or the Hitbox Team. It's finished when it's finished. There is no ETA yet!

But I can tell you a few good (and bad) things about the level editor:
  • Everything you saw in the game and the video above can be recreated in the leveleditor.
  • Creating both Single- and Multiplayer levels is possible.
  • Adding new textures, sprites, music and other data is not possible. Whether it will be possible in the future is unknown.
  • The editor is within the game, enabling you to switch back and forth testing and editing easily.

Look forward to the level editor update, it'll be worth it (and not just for the level editor)

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