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Lightbulb Some advice

I have a pretty large kingdom by now playing as castille, it encompasses all of spain, portugal and some ways into the southern muslim territories. Im having a tough time now trying to keep it together though. Two of my vassal dukes are making it particularly complicated on me by rebelling every chance they freaking get. I quelled their rebellion a couple of times now, but the last one by the duke of portucale was so close that I geniunely thought I might lose it all at that point. So I decided to strip him away of some power by excommunicating him, putting him in jail and taking away one of his duchies (the main one which was of portucale) and giving it to another more trustworthy and content vassal. I then proceeded to change the succession laws of my kingdom to electoral where I choose the heir, and so does everyone else, with the idea that this might spread out some of the landed titles a little more and keep one single duke from being too powerful (by the way the duke of portucale gained such power by acquiring most of his territory on his own, I always do my best to disperse the power amongst my vassals as best I can) So any tips or advise as to changing the laws of successions and if that will actually help my cause, or just any other general idea that you think will help maintain control over my kingdom as it continues to grow larger. Thanks!

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Had exactly the same problem. Had conquered most of the Iberian peninsula by the time my 2nd king died. Sadly I always forget to check my heir for his stats. After 63 years of ruling(which gives a positive bonus) my kingdom came crumbling down in 2 years.

Anyways, unless you have the right to strip them of their rights/imprison them/execute etc: dont. Your other vassals will get a minus to their relationship to you which is the key here in my opinion. Especially when a new king comes into play. Improve diplomacy as much as you can. I'm atm playing as the kingdom of Finland (console commands for pagans) and my msot favorite king was the one with a diplomacy of around 50. Personal diplomacy bonus gave me like 60+ to all relationships = more troops/tax and no trouble.

So diplomacy and if you have alot of money give gifts/honorary titles to the rebellious vassals while waiting for further approval. Also if you have money use it on events like tournaments and great hunts. It will boost your prestige and usually relations with your vassals (if you have 500 prestige you get a 5+ bonus to relations).

That's just a quick roundup of my ideas not all. In a bit of a hurry.
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Changing succesion laws will hurt diplomatic relations, so be careful about changing them too often.

Elective succesion doesn't mean YOU get to choose your successor, it means you get to nominate one. You and all duchies of your de-jure Kingdom get to nominate one heir, and the one with the most votes will succeed the throne.

IMO the best law is Primogeniture (oldest son inherits all titles), but Open and Seniority succesion are also okay I guess.
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Thanks for the advice!
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