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Could you help me with the I,zombie endless achievement?


I play PVZ on my iphone and computer, and have a lot of trouble getting the I zombie endless achievement.

Could you help me?

For instance, what's the best strategy for this level?


Thanks in advance
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I got to wave 9 yesterday out of sheer luck, got a level with the majority of it in sunflowers, finished it with 2500 sun. Shame the next level was next to impossible in layout though and left me with only 400 for wave 9.
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OP try checking this out out...it might help.


I can finally sleep now and start living normally again!

Some tips/strategy used:
  • Get rid of the following first: Peashooter, Starfruit, Magnet-Shroom, Umbrella Leaf (most important!!)
  • Get as much sun as you can (especially on your 1st and 2nd streaks) , and donít waste it!
  • Calculate how much sun it will take to wipe out a row. (your PCís calculator will come in handy if you refuse to calculate mentally)
  • Dance Zombies are very vulnerable and weak, only use this one once youíve cleared a row with a maximum of one spikeweed. Two spikeweeds will kill this zombie. Plus make sure that this zombie wonít be staying to long in one spikeweed. How would this happen? For some reason mine died earlier because the dancer zombie on a side row kept munching on a wall-nut without any plant trying to kill it. This happened just once.
  • Ladder zombies are extremely helpful, especially for more difficult rows. Make sure there arenít any magnet-shrooms.
  • Two Conehead Zombies work really well with snow peas.
  • Familiarize yourself with each zombieís weaknesses and how much damage it could take.
  • Plants on the first column(left side) will help you determine what zombie to use.

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To be honest, I think alot of this is luck with the level layout. I had 2 scaredy shroom levels in a row, netting 1500 sunflower both times. At wave 10 I had over 4000 sunflower to use. On other trials, i'll have around 200 for wave 9 having not had any super easy levels like the scaredy shroom ones.

I'm now on wave 16 with 900 sun.
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