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Lightbulb PainKiller Black Edition Grey or blue box on Start FIX

Ok I found how to fix this problem on another site.
This bug happens when you have either 2 (dual) or more monitors or when sometimes when your normal monitor resolution is not the same as the game when you first play.

1) This easiest way to fix this is go find the config file for your game which for most people that are using steam to play is here.
:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\painkiller black edition\Bin
config.ini is the file you want to open in notepad.
2) Find this line Cfg.Resolution = and change is to your current screen resolution you use on the main monitor(if 2 or more monitors). Example Cfg.Resolution = "1920X1080"
3) Simply just save the file and run game.

This should fix the problem for most computers, however if you have dual monitors and this does not work I found that you need to disconnect your other monitors, run the game and change the settings in the game then quit.
Once this is done you can plug your monitors back in and all should be well.

Now go and ENJOY the GORE!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks that fixed the gray box problem and I didn't even had to disable my second display.
Used my native display resolution. Seems the resolution switch before fully loading the game cause gray box error. Once launched I can change the resolution from the main menu safely.
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Thank you very much for this fix, you've saved me a lot of time researching this problem
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