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Bug - complete keyboard fealure after certain action (Sector 7)


Not sure if this bug got reported before or not, but did not find it in the forums yet.

It's a bug I discovered trying to solve a room in Sector 7.
If you set up the room according to this picture, and do the following:
- activate the blue cube on the left (so you can use it to jump)
- rotate the wall to the left
- and then use the blue cube to jump (while wall is still moving)
the game crashes in a special way.
After the crash you can still look around with the mouse, but all keyobard inputs are ignored.
I tried this several times, and it happened every time.

Is this a known bug? I can imagine that it also could happen in other rooms where you can rotate the wall.

Otherwise a great game

(btw, did not solve that room yet, haha)


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