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Mortal Machine no good?

Compared to the moustache golem, the mortal machine's AI is incredibly stupid.

For sountless turns, it can sit there - being attacked and do absolutely nothing! It often won't follow me turn by turn, meaning I have to skip turns hoping it will decide to follow.

The moustache golem behaviour is a contrast; perfect companion.

I have noticed allot of mentions of glitches and randomness in this game; is this a glitch or the design of the 'malevolent robot'?
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I've noticed dumb AI from every summoned creature, but I'm not sure what causes it. They'll occasionally just sit there and take damage.

Also, I don't think the machine is worth his mana. He takes lots of hits early on, but is only good for maybe 5-6 hits on lower levels.
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Hmm... I have noticed him sitting around doing nothing. Usually I see some stars above his head then. Summoning a new one will solve the glitch the mortal machine is experiencing, though.
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I ended up making a thread about summonings and experimenting with them...From what I can tell the "glitch" typically happens when there are enemies right next to your summon. I think what happens is, your summon wants to move, say, to the square on his right, but an enemy wants to move right there at the same time. Usually when that happens either your summon or the monster or even sometimes both! move into that square and just sit there unable to do anything. It's like the game just can't understand which should take precedance/what to make em do. The only way to fix this would be to either kill the monster next to your summon, lure the monster away, summon a new monster, or kill the monster yourself. It's pretty wierd and sometimes your summon might get stuck anyway without any monsters being nearby, although that's rare IMO.

As for the usefulness of the Mortal Machine, I thought he was awesome. He basically carried me till floor 8, once I hit that floor he began to get killed rather fast and I'd have to summon another one mid battle. Really it wasn't until floor 11 that I just gave up summoning him. Although if you "cheat" like I do sometimes and have 2-3 Mortal Machines at once then they can pretty much kill everything for you except late level casters.
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