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Originally Posted by MikeBlaszczak View Post
Why are you encouraging customers to lie to Steam Support?
In this case it was good advice. Pretty dumb rule anyway, especially for a F2P game. People would be jarateed if they bought a hammer, borrowed it to a friend but as soon as he did it was "disabled". Draconian rules to much of the software industry takes part in.

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Yeah, in the future don't refer to inheriting accounts, just let them figure it out when the user has been logged in for 127 years
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Originally Posted by xxItachisamaxx View Post
Steam support likely won't do anything. I've been scammed before and a month later the guy managed to scam yet another person and is still unpunished. You might just have to chalk it up as a loss and report himd on the forums so people avoid him. And there's always SteamRep.
How was you scammed ? if you both traded items via the trade window then nobody was scammed. You would only be scammed if you trade outside of valves own trading system.
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The OP hasn't returned, and doesn't deserve this kind of questioning. As this issue can only be addressed by Support, I'm closing this thread.
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