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Red face best way to approach cubes?

I seem to only get killed by those damn cubes 90% of the time, I had a good kitted out trickster lvl20 and I was killing big bosses and I approach a cube and before I even got a chance to go close to it....bam dead anyone fight cubes? got any hints? they must be the worst things in this game
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best way to appraoch cubes? en masse
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They are generally considered to be one of the harder bosses to solo, so being in a group is very nice.

If not, the only classes that can efficiently take down a cube solo are rogue and knight, and that's only when they're maxed in a few stats, namely def. Rogues do their cloaking, knights can tank the bullet spam. If you have the UT shield, the cube god goes down much quicker.

Classes with long ranged weapons/abilities can slowly whittle away at the cube, such as with wizard spell spamming, archer quiver sniping, a priest/sorcerer, or an assassin's poisons. Necro, huntress, and mystic all have AoE abilities that are very helpful against cube minions as well, though you'll need some skill to know when/where to use them.
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Cubes are tough if you don't have high enough DEF. I'd recommend working on that before approaching, or blob up with others.

There's one big blue cube in the middle, that's the Cube God. He spawns all the others.

Orange cubes slowly circle the Cube God, normally counter/anti-clockwise.

The Yellow ones circle the Orange ones.

The light-blue ones circle the Orange ones, too, but will chase you down if you get close enough.

Aim for the Orange ones as you approach. When they die all the others that were circling it leave to the next nearest Orange cube. If you work it out right you can kill all the orange on one side of the cube god, leaving an entire side empty and defenseless.

But, unless you've got max DEF (and some others), it's not worth getting close without plenty of other players at your side.
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Shadow XD
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Army of Sorcerers should get the job done, just chain lightning all of them damn cubes back into the square from which they came.
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Since there's nothing else for fame (essentually), pop a tincture of defense and then zerg it.
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