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I contest the Wanga Prick is better than the YER because it looks so ing awesome.
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Originally Posted by jlord101 View Post
If you are exceptional as spy butterfly is the better choice with the benefit of having a easily accessed disguise. YER is a nubbier wep and while it might get 2-5 person chain-stabs easier the butterfly also easily accomplishes this. The butterfly is also better for dealing with those pesky engies as the disguise is invaluable. I play on tons of servers as well and for me the almost stiff cycle of disguising does not work when any good or especially aware people are on. Also, the whole 'STEALING MEDIGUN BEAMS" thing is pointless anyway. This I say cus if medic is observant you are dead and even if he isn't he will rub into you and, with his high damage ubersaw, own your face in. The YER also feels like a weapon that wants to be friendly to the user but when you have to take your gun out you might as well say goodbye cus your going to die. So, in al I think butterfly is the choice for those players who have skill in the spy class.
I didn't read that.
Anyway thanks for making your first post right here on this 2010 thread.
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he will rub into you
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