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re: content - Will I love or hate this game? :)

Since there's no demo that I can find, maybe you guys can help.

All the games I was personally really waiting for have been pushed way back, so it looks like 2012 will be a year of picking up leftover scraps for me. :/

I just don't know about this one.

1940s - love (edit: OK, read it again, it's "post-war," not sure of the exact decade)
cop drama - like
open world - love (is this game open world?)
vulgarity - dislike (I can take it in moderation)

I know it's "gritty," and I'm not expecting "Courageous: The Game" or anything like that. I'm just wondering if the vulgarity is (A) occasional and contextual, as it is in real police work, or (B) non-stop for the sake of shock value. This is Rockstar we're talking about, lol.

For reference, I did make it all the way through Mafia II, and I even really enjoyed it, but my ears were ringing from F-bombs by the time it was over. I thought it was a little much, even for a game about the mob.

I'm playing Alan Wake right now, and it's much more my speed as far as that sort of content goes - people only swearing when they are really startled or in mortal danger, etc. I don't know, it just feels more realistic (supernatural content aside, obviously).

Thanks for your input, and please don't give me a hard time for asking - I'm an old guy (well, getting there, anyway). I have old-fashioned sensibilities, perhaps. Each to his own!

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The game's immersion into the 1940's is done really well.
It is open world but you usually just follow where the mission takes you. Plenty of 1940's cop drama, as well as the face and speech details are the best I've seen.

Yes, its worth buying on sale in my opinion.
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If you finished Mafia 2, then you should really like LA noire. I infact also did finish Mafia 2, and was a huge fan of Mafia 1, and can say that this game, for me is way better than M2.

Firstly, about the open world. While it is done great, there isn't much to do except collect cars and answer street crimes. For me that was enough because i love to drive, as my g27 wheel does work in the game. Street crimes are pretty entertaining and is a nice thing to do between destinations to fatten up the game.

As far as the gameplay, it is much more about thinking and examining the crime scenes, learning the nuances of watching the suspect while you interview them. There isn't really a heck of a lot of shooting, but for me that was ok because i really enjoyed how the story elements and the 1940's atmosphere played out.

Some of the clues don't really add up when you look at the entirety of a case that you have worked on, and some cases go off on tangents that don't really have a lot to do with the case you are investigating. Minor gripe.

If you are a cinema fan (Maltise Falcon, and other file noir) you will for sure enjoy this game, although it isn't quite as film noir as you might expect. And the LA locations are quite nicely done (the LA museum, Pantages, La brea Tar pits) and for me was a bonus as i live in LA.

If you want hardcore and nonstop action, this isn't the game for you. For example it is much calmer than Alan Wake, but it does have it's exciting moments as well.

I really like the game and have over 50+ hours in it and i am still doing Vice cases so there is plenty of content for the price, certainly for the sale price. I'd also recommend the DLC. It is nice to have.
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I think you'll love it then, as long as you're not put off by 30fps lock, and a little hand holding now and then. Alot of people bash this game but it's only cause they don't see it for what it is. I loved it, the DLC is worth it imo. I've got 39hrs into it and haven't found all the hidden film reels or badges.

Like above, facial animation and speech are the best I've seen, hands down.
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Thank you very much for the replies! Good info.
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