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Cool Server side generated maps

I would like to see a counter strike source based game with server generated maps,instead of classic maps that all the players would know after a period of time of playing.To start a match 5 vs 5 where neither the ct or t team would know the best paths towards bomb site, where both teams must prepare a fast strategy because they don't know the map, or the positioning of the houses or boxes, where the server has 100-1000 objects and place them randomly on the map(either the same layout or another generated)
Ok the players must download every map to play but now we have best teams that know all most all the positions on the map, or where too shoot for better accuracy and damage.
I am part of a team that plays pro but i wonder how would that be? to enter a new map every time i play a match/war and not now where the other team has positions where they stay in the site or next to it, and force me and my team to react like in the real situation
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Basically the L4D AI Director, except with massive control over the game.
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It's possible to create dynamic maps that change every round. Havana has it. I've even seen maze maps. And it's fun, but some players dislike it.
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I was referring more to competition maps during tournaments in 5 vs 5 and yes it would be fun to strive, to adapt or to create a new strategy at the beginning of the map so every team has a good chance of wining regardless of history of that team or the opposing one
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Sounds like a cool idea.

I wonder how hard it is to code a thing like that tho, considering each map should be made so you`re able to navigate it. So it`ll need a certain order in it`s randomness.

But it will certainly add to variety, and lessen "campers" a bit more, or at least the potshots at those obvious camping places that are "always the same". A bit more variety would be good.
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