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Heavy Chevy
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New Nvidia Driver

For those who may be interested it looks like a new driver is available for some Nvidia products. It is numbered 296.10.

Not sure if this will help anyone but if you are interested then take a look.

Have a wonderful day.

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Thanks Chevy,,but the last driver is the best one i have had for ages (295.73)no probs,so not change yet,,thanks again.
P.S. if anyone thinks this driver (296.10)is better,send a post,TY.

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Seems like I just got the 295.73, now another one? Sheesh! Nvidia is getting to be like ATI was way back when. Thanks, Doug, I'll keep it in mind, altho like Rob said, this driver is very stable. (so far)
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Using the 296.10 for TS2012, FSX, P3D and MS Flight - no issues, but little difference to the last 295.xx driver.
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If you play Skyrim then the new driver is worth installing.
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