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do not buy this game

I can't even use my mouse. Looking around people suggest installing divx. No thanks, I don't want to install divx on my machine. Thanks for requiring me to, to play your game? The voice acting from the start is horrific, I'm not sure I want to even play it honestly. If only I could get my money back.

I probably won't be looking at the main steam store page for games anymore, if they put stuff like this up there.
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No matter how many times I try to play it is blocked by Avast and it is not possible to create an exception. Avast also has problems with DivX - considers it unsafe. So I also support the DNB stand on this. I bought it but could not play it and you could probably do without it and be 2.5 Euros richer
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Bull, i use the newest avast and can play this game without problems.
I selected "open as normal" when prompted by avast.
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Old 03-05-2012, 07:00 PM   #4
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Oh, wow... This is unplayable. I bought this because it looked interesting and was on sale. I finally got around to trying it, and it's bad.

Honestly, when your first voice actor is that bad, and mispronounces words in his second sentence, it is pretty clear that he is reading off of a page with no actual direction.


I've installed Divx (Why isn't that installed automatically if your game needs it?) and it's still unplayable. I would turn off the voice acting and rely on subtitles, but you can't skip audio when you are finished... You have to wait until the audio ends to get to the next dialog choice.

I rage quit after about 5 minutes, then re-loaded and played for a full 30 to make sure I was giving it a fair chance.

Don't buy it, even on sale.
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Old 03-14-2012, 11:14 AM   #5
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Installing divx does make the game playable, game is ok but the voice acting of the main character is awful to say the least, comes across as someone to would hate to meet never mind play as.
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