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Red face About this game

About this game....

I really hate that the game is being Pushed like it is the best damn game in the world. it seems i am not alone...
Originally Posted by Surgo View Post
This is . Steam is *already* an account-based platform, and the developer forces you to sign up for *another* just to play the game that you already bought over Steam? I don't care how cool you think your website or forum or social network is, I think it sucks and is redundant.

Nothing was said about this on the store page. I will never buy another game from this developer so long as this nonsense continues, and will urge everyone else to do the same.
The mail list thing (I thought it was to be a changelog about the game i purchased not a advertisement trying to get me to buy the game again on a different device)

The registration before you play (I went into the game not having high hopes and this just reinforces my feelings with the game same feeling with the quote above)

a little bit ago they sent out a survey that asked various questions about the game a few of which i hope never happen...

they are trying to make me feel like this is some big time game when it really just isn't. Plus that Metascore is a little disappointing too 68/100 is a "D+" on the academic scale which is bad. the game is decent at best with the ability to hold me to it for no more then 10 minuets a session before i close it due to being board. it really is just a FlashGame that takes itself too seriously i think that 68/100 is pretty accurate score for the game. Those of you on the fence about getting it are better off playing the flash clone because you can get the same experience with it for free.
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Galcon Fusion
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If you don't like the newsletter stuff feel free to unsubscribe. There is a "leave this mailing list" link at the bottom that takes you off.

Also, I'm sorry you don't like the sign-up stuff. I hope to have that be optional in future games.

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This guys seems to be over reacting over something so small.
Nice game philhassey, looks like a lot of effort went into it, keep up the good work.
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While I don't like having to register for another service for multiplayer (the create account didn't work btw) I don't think it changes the fact that this is a pretty fun and addicting game.

is there a possibility of an API that will allow the developer to just use steam login credentials?
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The registration allows you to post on the forums, record your stats on a global leaderboard, and view your stats, win/loss and more online. It does require an extra step, but I'd say it's worth it considering most strategy games in this price range don't compare at all in terms of stat tracking and a well thought-out ladder rank.
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It's not that big of a deal right? So what if you make another account? I don't think it's a problem.

I say you give the game another try!

Great game Phil

Best Regards,


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