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DotP and "planeswalker" in mtgo are different. You have crappy cards in planeswalker mtgo (2/2 bears) which you can't replace.

I'm gonna invest some money to mtg soon, it will probably be paper cards, because it's more fun to play with live people than with pixels, but if I had no time I'd go mtgo instead.

UI sucks. badly
Agree, I hate this white text-on black background. Me and my eyes dislike this.
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there is a catch in mtgo... it is not SUPPOSED to be dotp2012 analog, it's supposed to be collectible card game so you are supposed to keep buying the boosters to participate in the tournaments to win new rare cards, and new cards keep coming out regularly with old ones being made unavailable for play in most popular format, so it's the perfect money making machine for wotc, and you are the source of those money...

when you play it using dotp packs, you feel yourself like a second class citizen. there are no tournaments, no ladder, nothing at all, you pretty much only play casual matches with the newbies without any kind of record keeping. this is ok at first but gets boring quickly.

also you have to buy multiple packs of each dotp pack to build decks that are competitive in dotp mode. this gets expensive more and more as new packs appear with new dotp2012 dlc's coming out.

also I am not sure how it is now, but usually the cards that appear in dotp2012 dlc do not immediately appear in mtgo store, you have to wait few month for them so it's not the same as dotp2012 sadly.
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Too much to read ... can't handles the reading ... error, error, error
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Originally Posted by Fnorp View Post
Sorry, but your post is absolutely wrong.
You can't win if you ain't rich?
First, there are limited events. Like drafts, sealed or soon again leagues. There, everyone got exactly the same chances. And if you are good enough, you can win more than you pay for those events. It doesn't matter how rich you are when you enter a limited event, everyone got the same chances.
Second, there is casual. You can build great casual decks in all kinds of formats for very little money.
Then there are also special formats, like Momir Basic. There everyone got the same chances too.
Not to mention that most cards on MTGO are cheaper compared to their paper counterparts.
In DotP I can play as many games as I like with balanced decks,It cost nothing.
OK, You said we can play drafts/sealed game in MtgO just for fair.
Each drafts/sealed game cost about $14 for the tickets/boost packs. If you play 10 such game at night, you cost $140! While you are not rich?

I played both of them, DotP and MtgO.
They all based on the magic the gathering the game, with different flavors, result in different game experience.

MtgO has 20k+ cards, you almost pay for each card. Card's value usually vary with its actual power in game.
From the beginning you get cheap cards, also meaning less powerful cards.
You will find you are dominated by other players with all the good(rare, mythic) cards, which are hard to obtain. The good cards are usually cost you 20+ USD really money in any form of trading. And a good deck can cost hundreds or even thousands dollars.
So 1) Games you are playing are often imbalanced.
2) It cost you hundreds of $ to improve your deck of cards. Though you can win prize in tournaments, but you cannot achieve this by skipping the prices to get cards, I mean good cards.

DtoP has a limited cards collections, not over 1000 cards. And about 10 premade decks.
Decks are balanced to each other, there are no too weak or too strong deck in it.
DtoP's UI is a little buggy sometime but more beautiful(with 3D effects) than MtgO.(MtgO's UI is slow and a vintage look), also easy to play, in a casual relaxed way.

One more point is I found DtoP's two-headed game is very interesting to play. Team shares a turn and can attack/block simultaneously, make it more interactive.
Two-headed game in MtgO is different, each turn for one player(not two) and only can attack/block 1 player.

So I dont think MtgO is a totally superb of DtoP. They are different games!
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Well, since Dual of the Plainswalkers 2012 doesn't seem to be available by itself now, I'll give this a try. (see my thread "What the F is up with trying to buy this game?"). I've never had any problems or confusion with Steam before, so this is rather annoying.
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