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I am replying to some of the things a couple of people have said in this section, "It doesn't get me to that happy gaming place where hours go by and I'm content and all game doped up." Itīs a 5 dollar game that I picked up for even cheaper (around 4 dollars during a sale) in which you spend 15 minutes and leave it, itīs a gimmick but thereīs nothing wrong with that! Itīs a great game to just pick up, play for a bit and then put down again! it doesīt have hours upon hours of content because itīs only 5 dollars! And also someone said the tilt doesnīt work properly, have never had one problem with it at all... And for all those people saying it looks too childish, why is that a problem here and not with Pokemon and Supermario games?

In conclusion Snuggle Truck is well worth the 5 dollars you pay for it, Iīd recommend it.
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