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Almost Eastern Wind - ToW2 Kursk Mod

Based on the Russian Vostochniy Veter mod, this package has new units, skins, balance adjustments, ballistics mods, maps etc
Mission generator updated to include new units & alterations made to MP game constraints.

Install via JSGME on ToW2 Kursk +Caen, authors advise that no other mods should be present for best results.

Download Mirror 125mb

Readme -
Here is a translation of the almost_eastern_wind_mod version 1.5.5 v3.

The adaptation of the original mod was made by YuVe

with some models extracted from Korea by Radmir

The original authors of the mod are :


The english translation was made by Arzok http://www.39-45strategie.com/
with the help of JCMIL

------------------google translation of the original read me--------------------------------------------------
Adapted to the 1.5.5 version of the game modes East Wind.
(Version 3)

Installing the mod.
The mod is designed for installation on a clean (no mods) game version 1.5.5.
If you have any mod, then remove them before installing this mod.

Install the mod only through prog JSME. Who has not, the installer archive with the mod.
A little about prog for those who never used it. The thing is very handy. What it does - insert mode in the game, and backs up files from the original version of the game. When you roll back mode will automatically backup files take up their rightful places.
Installing the JSME.
When installing the bend point to the root folder of the game. On the desktop, and in other places do not create shortcuts. You can install a few games - how much your heart desires. After installation, go to the root of the game and runs as usual any program. At the root of the game you will be automatically folder MODS.
Next are two options:
- Or you are manually copying the uncompressed folder to folder Almost_Eastern_Wind_1_5_5_v3 MODS (JSME desirable that in this case has not been started)
- Or run the JSME, click on the button to turn Tasks / Import mod the pop-up window, specify the path to the folder uncompressed Almost_Eastern_Wind_1_5_5_v3, wait for your own move until the prog folder in the mod folder, MODS, and then clicks on the buttons enable mod and wait until the prog mode activates, and create backup files.
Closes a program, start the game. Everything.

Changes in this version

1. Added new units to the U.S. Army
- M4A3 Tank (Radmir exported from the IW / Korea)
- Tank M24 (Radmir exported from the IW / Korea)
- ACS M36 (Radmir exported from the IW / Korea)
- M8 Armored Car (Radmir exported from the IW / Korea)
- TVE 57 mm,
- 81 mm mortar.
2. Added (forgotten by me in previous version of the mod) U.S. animation units (gun M5 KZT19 ACS).
3. Added skins of American technology exported from BPI / Africa 1943.
4. Added skins French technique (B1, Panhard).
Five. Fixed skin trucks at B1.
6. Fixed ammunition for lendlizovskogo APC M3.

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

Adapted to the 1.5.5 version of the game modes East Wind.
(Version 2).

Changes in this version

A. Wrong work of the Soviet 85 mm anti-aircraft guns and 85 mm anti-tank gun.
Two. Updated version of the mod a_small_mod_02 Azrok
Three. Added U.S. units of the "Oriental Africa 1943."

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
Adapted to the 1.5.5 version of the game modes East Wind.
(Version 1).

The authors of the original mod Svarrogg, Jagdpanther, St.Andrey, Eger
I am not a sponsor of fashion, I just tried to adapt them to work under 1.5.5. Something did not put something I put in intentionally.
In addition, this pack includes a_small_mod_02 work Azrok.

Below is the text of the original authors of the mod readme it all in blue. My comments in red.

================================================== ==========

East wind
Eastern Wind (ExtensionPack) v1.0
for the Art of War II: Kursk version 1.3.3

================================================== ==========

Installing the mod:
Make backup copies of folders MISSIONS, MAPS, AI and DATA (it is possible that the Data folder will not be) at the root of the game.
Place the contents of the archive in the root directory of the game with the replacement files.

Removal of fashion:
Delete the folder mode:


Restore the saved games folder orginalnye reserve.

On changes in the installation of the above written

In the folder MISSIONS and MAPS included batch files, and kill-bin.bat kill_map_bin.bat for
Batch purge cache files.

These batnichki I do the mod is not included.

Changes in the game:

* New (fair) price for all units adapted to the multiplayer.

* Reworked collision trucks, rollers and drive wheels of tanks and assault guns to the more closer to reality. Now knock out a tank in the side much easier. If the damage sites in the transmission technology breaks down the only working, but the machine did not ignite (as before). It is also clarified conflicting cases, towers, masks, guns, etc.

* Added two aiming points on the tower (on the left and right sides of the gun), a jointly in order to minimize contact with the barrel cannon.

* Introduced tank landings.

This included, but only for the Soviet and German tanks that were in the game version 1.3.3.

* Tuned system damaged by fragments of infantry in open areas and shelters. Improved survival lay in the trench.


* Reworked the accuracy of all the guns and infantry weapons. Effective range of weapons for the infantry was reduced to 500-600 meters (the veterans).

* Reduced the number of tracer bullets in the gun ammunition.

* Improved accuracy of air-assault and bombing attacks (in multiplayer).

This yet.

* Reconfigured sound detection range shooting units.

* Reconfigured the system visibility of infantry.


* Added new units, weapons and upgrades:
- 57 mm gun ZIS-2.
- Pz-IVG now with a gun KWK-40 L48.
- IL-2 with NS-37 cannon and PTAB (dostupen in MP).
- The German branch of Fri guns now PzB-41S (Soloturn).
- 52K and 61K are now moveable.
- Fri 88 mm gun Pak 43-41.
- Fri 88 mm self-propelled gun Nashorn.
- Armored M3A1 Halftrack as lendlizovskoy technology.
- New weapons infantry: FG-42, StG-44, Panzerfaust-60.
- Department of German parashutistov.
- Department of German storm troopers.
- Department of MK shutze.
- Bataille B1 bis tank as a trophy of vehicles for the German army.
- The T-34-57.
- SPG SU-85M.
- ACS JagdPanzer IV (L/48).
- ACS JagdPanzer IV (L/70).
- Pz-38t.
- New ckin for Pz-VI (H).
- New ckin for German snipers.

This all-inclusive, the only thing that JagdPanzer IV (L/48) and JagdPanzer IV (L/70) why do not cling skins, and they are in the game as yellow models.
Also if and only if, fashion designers modestly silent about the presence in the fashion KV-85.

* In multiplayer missions:
- Expanded gaming area maps to 2x2 km.
- Increased number of players up to 8.
- Review of all the flags on the maps.
- Introduce a new layout for most of the ammunition technology.
- All maps introduced the original alignment of forces.
- Fixed some bugs with the crews on the cards.
- The called artillery and aircraft rebalanced at cost. Available howitzers, rocket launchers and attack aircraft.
- For the tall grass (at the plow, etc.) reduced the probability of sticking it to detect infantry.

This yet.

================================================== ==============

In the development of participants:


Adaptation of the Fashion 1.5.5 made by Yuri Verbitsky (YuVe).
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