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How much PA2 is longer than first epizode?

i just finished playing Puzzle Agent. This game was so awesome that i want to play the second episode. The problem is that it's two time more expensive than the first part. I think that the first part was a little too short for that price so i am wondering if PA2 is worth 20 euro? Is it two times longer than the first episode?
Thanks for answer.
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I know this is a little late lol. But I just finished the second game and it was a let down.
The story was worse since there was less suprises and the scenes were similar, the puzzles were repetitive, and the whole thing took less time to beat then the first.
Save your money till it's on sale of something. I really liked the first one, but this one just left me sad.
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Thanks for reply and help. So I will wait for sale.
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$3.38 today on Gamersgate - not sure if it's on sale across the pond though.
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I thought the first Puzzle Agent was enjoyable...so I just started playing PA2.

Obviously, I won't give anything away...but the first three puzzles do not inspire me to continue playing.

The first puzzle just seemed like a random trial-and-error puzzle. That's fair enough for a first puzzle, but I don't think I ever consciously thought about the solution.

Worse, I felt offended by the second puzzle. Its initial explanation seemed extremely misleading (plus, I think it had a typo!). I didn't feel like it was a hard puzzle...it just felt cheap. Or maybe I'm just dumber than I think.

The third puzzle was disturbingly easy. Granted, it was only the third puzzle...but still...I felt like I was ten minutes into the game and hadn't done anything fun yet.

Maybe I'm just the wrong target audience. Maybe this is a puzzle series for young children? Or to teach children basic logic and observation skills?
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