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Unhappy Mafia 2 keeps crashing.

I'd be playing for 10mins or so and it would just lock up my system.
Have done game cache checks, system scans, revert display drivers and re-installed the game and it still happens.
Randomly but usually during cutscenes.
Anyone else having these issues?

I was really beginning to like this game

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yea, i remember that too, but it was mainly because of my system specs were very low. mafia 2 is going really hard on the system and graphics power, so if either of those are low this may happen again and again. try the lowest settings! that might help a bit.
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This game is picky about any OC'ed hardware so if you do that sort of thing, revert to stock clocks. If you have a GPU that came pre-overclocked by default, use a program like MSI Afterburner and setup one of the GPU profiles to be set at whatever your GPU's referenced clocks are supposed to be.

Also, while I didn't have a problem playing M2 w/ Steam Community In-Game Overlay enabled; the DLCs had major crashing issues whenever this feature was enabled. Which sucks cause then it won't track your achievements. So try disabling this feature just for Mafia2 within Steam Client (the game's properties menu system) and see if that helps with overall stability.

M2 also seemed to crash at random periods whenever I enabled AA in-game. So I basically had everything maxed out, but AA off. Ran fine otherwise.

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