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Fix for black screen on startup

For those who have a black screen on startup, I found a solution that should solve it. If it does help people, then it should probably be a sticky.
Here it is:
Go to My Documents>My Games>Crysis. Back up that Crysis folder. Now, go into it and delete the savegames folder (I'll explain how to work around the obvious problem of starting a new game below). Try and open Crysis. If it is still a black screen, then try the same thing with the Profiles and Shaders folder in there, and see if that does it.

Once you know the save folder is the problem, then its obvious that its a corrupted save game, right? So now delete your saves one by one (starting with most recent) and try and boot Crysis after each delete.

I'd be surprised if this doesn't fix it. Its what fixed it for me, and has done everytime it has happened since.
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Didn't work. Tried each folder, saves, entire Crysis folder...nada.
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I think your black screen is a different one. My black screen is straight from installing it. I never got further than the black screen. There is a crysis folder in my games. But no save game folder.
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