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Red face cant restore cs to default settings (damn cloud)

well i recently got a new pc and installed css (which took ages cause steam was being a about it) and now i cant seem to get css to go to its default settings (like when i first installed it with everything enabled)i want to get rid of the old config file i had that has been stored on the cloud because now MVPs wont show up at the end of each round or the spray tags wont show up either and a few other things which are really annoying me

iv tried

To reset to default config:

Delete all config files
Add in launch options
"-autoconfig +cl_cloud_settings 0"

and i also disable cloud in css in the multiplayer advanced settings

anyone know of anything eles which can fix this stupid issue i seem to be having this new pc is a gaming rig so i wont need to turn down anything like on my old pc
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Use a new seperate account with css it's the only way to bypass cloud ownage from my experience that is. Don't setup a steam community profile, don't upload pictures, don't add friends or whatever other gimmick, you know.

Upon login to the account, do not touch any setting never. Only right click css, untick cloud then of course fire up with your custom config which needs to contain cl_cloud_settings "0", glhf.
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There are 3 steps I use:

1) (skip this if you don't want to disable Steam cloud for ALL your account's games) Go to Steam settings and uncheck Steam Cloud from the Downloads + Cloud tab.

2) Right click CS:Source on your Steam games list, go to properties, then uncheck Steam Cloud in the Updates tab.

3) Uncheck Steam Cloud in the advanced options of the multiplayer tab in CS:Source's in-game options.

After all this is done, delete your cstrike folder in Steam's files. Once done, you should be able to start up CS:S, this time with all the default options (video options will remain the same, though).
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bump anyone eles?
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try -autoconfig in your launch options.
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Double-check that all cloud settings are disabled in-game, in your game's properties via Library, and through Steam's settings.

Delete your config.cfg. Add -autoconfig in your launch options. Launch your game. Exit your game. Remove -autoconfig from your launch options. Launch your game.

All your settings should be restored to default.
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ive tried these fixes as well but with no luck. just delete the cfg folder (from steamapps/username/counter-strike source) and go here

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\71865759\240\remote\cfg

but be sure to change this number ^^^^^^^^^ to whatever is in your folder. then delete cfg folder there which is your cloud folder.

240 = css

then you do your -autoconfig launch option. after its first launch backup your config.cfg from the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\71865759\240\remote\cfg" so you have something to fall back to.

but I would have to advise to do the delete method and -autoconfig since the updates add new commands which wont be in the backed up config.cfg
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Old 03-22-2012, 02:47 PM   #8
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Dear god Valve whats going on (???)
I played CS since 1.3 on and off but always tend to fallback playing CS(s)
I (had to) accept all forced updates, some more or less apreciated,... well well
Nowdays i play only CSS, a friend was watching some CounterStrike VM pcw and i thought id try watch to to try learn something.
Ok... they're playing 1.6... LOL WTF... windows 95 ???
But ok... i agreed to starts Counter Strike 1.6...
First of all Steam forced me to identify myself, i wasnt known from this computer (lol) only been playing from same place like... 4 years, and same pc
But ok, i identified myself through all nifty secure things i had to do.
Watched a few minutes of the game before i got very un-interested anymore so i thought id startup my CSS and play some.
The thing that first got my attention was that now the video in the startup was showing, that bald head with a red thing on the head...
I was like... ok wtf... i didnt change anything but ok... OK VALVE lets have it your way... i added -novid on my launch options.. AGAIN.
Next thing i notice is SOME settings from my autoexec.cfg is still working but not close to all.
As example my rcon password for our server works but i lost a lot of settings i want.
Tried lots of stuff on my own but couldnt make it work..
Googled and found this crap... cloud something (lol)
I guess its nice for all 14 year old kiddies who play on 300 different internet cafe's but i dont need that ********* crap kthx.
I tried disable cloud (sofar in 3 different places and in one file too, user.scr in ths cfg dir.
CSS STILL does NOT read my autoexec.cfg (from local)
And yeah i also tried backup my files, delete them and run -autoconfig in launch options, didnt create ...
Still rcon pass was working LOOOL
Should it really be this hard to find out wtf is going on... shouldnt someone long time ago have realized this would cause loads of problems to people who arent interested in using this "cloud"
Atleast CLEARLY show from where your settings are read from, and how to change it !


Kind regards from Lefkas
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Old 03-23-2012, 02:33 PM   #9
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there are a few fixes how to do it. and... maybe this thread will help you:
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My problems solved

Hey Guys
I apologize for my rage there ;(
I accidently noticed in the console when i started the game that something for some reason changed my games dir to the old install i had (HDD) instead of my new installation on my SSD.
I runned the new installation for a long time probobly a year or two, so i still dont understand what or why the path was changed on my shortcut...
Works for me now,
As much as possible of all cloud settings is off for me though ;(

// Lefkas
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