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I'm been stuck on Sarajevo for ages, I try to make a good defense but always get crushed. I'm playing normal difficulty. I've heard pre-1.09 is easier is there anyway on Steam to play old version? I really need help on how to set up a defense and what to use to attack generators.
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Ah, that mission. It jarateed me off countless times until I got up a sizable defense around main base, then got a commando in an APC and sent it to the northwest with some mammoth tanks, then I got an outpost, some rigs and a lot of mammoths and set them to the north, the first entrance, then i sent some east to a crater entrance. I had about 2 rigs at each entrance of the canyon, along with mammoth tanks, anti Air Defense and other units and build mini bases. Then I rushed in with about 6 avatars, 8 Heroic mammoths and just steam lined em.

But to give you a warning, the game is about to get 100x more unfair with the scriin, they get air artillery which can out range your defenses AND Attack you through fog of war..
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BUMP. Anyone else have any tips? And is there anyway to play it at an earlier patch level since 1.09 apparently made SP harder somehow?
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You can always base crawl,if im thinking about the right mission its the one were you assault nods main base temple prime or whatever,i beat it on hard bout 3 months back when i got this game on sale,by sending explorer or surveyor dont recall name(thing that deploys and gives you range of build around it)to the right side of the map on top of the hill and build 2 warfactories side by side as well as some refineries,main idea is to get mammoth tanks as soon as possible and put them in hold ground stance near war factories(they will repair them quickly for hard i think i had about 7 toward the end had to replace dead once constantly,that side will be covered and since its closest to the nod base thats were they will send all of their attacks from.first waves are crap like scorpion tanks buggies and bikes,then flame troopers and rocket troopers your mammoths can hold everything off and become heroic making them near indestructible,up until avatars who outrange mammoths and will be send as packs so they usually kill even a hero mammoth before you can kill them

When you have enough mammoths you can lead your attack from right side were your defenses are best.Make sure to build a dozen engineers before attacking and keep them in the back,once you enter the first tier,he will send like 25 (probly less on normal)avatars at you all at the same time,its time for you to retreat and lead them out (were red shield thing from generator doesn't protect them),if you got ion cannon that be the time to use it,shock wave artillery will work just fine,kill the avatars and once they are all dead provide some cover for your engineers to take them all over,at this point you have like 10+ avatars and few remaining mammoths,just wreck the base as much as you can generally it should be enough to win the mission,but if not you'll kill all his production structures and win with your next assault anyways.

you can also try to do it from the left upper side enterence,that one is all infantry,until avatars,but i found it to be more of a paine to deal with tons of flametroopers even with crap load of snipers,plus you wont get your elite mammoths.

Also if im thinking wrong mission give me some details on how it starts ill write up some other tips

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