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no i know it adds to reaction time, especially for a shmup

but for other things like minecraft, strategy (as long as mouse is not tied to framerate/renderer), slower paced shooters, or especially racing games where you can plan your moves, vsync is fine

there's another variable too, the monitor's own input lag for lcds (this is not the response time, nobody tells you the input lag time, so people have to manually test it)

as for tearing, you still have it at 120hz, but it's just not as obvious as on 60hz monitors, plus fluid motion has more annoying tearing compared to twitchy action

for jamestown, i leave vsync off due to how things on screen move+no input lag

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For me, it worked the other way. When I clicked on ALL CORES then it worked. Just one core was slowing down... meybe that could work for someone
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