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List View / Grid View / Icons issue

Recently, without warning, (though perhaps due to a Steam update that I hadn't noticed), my games library has become garbled. List View is blank grey with a few vertical bars of other shades, and while Grid View works, the icons won't resize - they're just the top-left corners of the maximum-size images. Also, several icons, most noticeably the Detail View one, have vanished.

Upon investigation, the files of those icons appear to be corrupted, as none of my image programs culd open the TGAs (yes, they do normally support them ) Whether that's connected to the corrupted menu issue I have no idea, but it seems probable. I don't know what could have caused the corruption, as reinstalling Steam only worked for one launch - on the second launch, it was garbage again.

I am very, very confused.

Currently I've installed a new skin and been using that to get around the menu issue (since the new skin replaces all the required graphics files), but some icons i.e. the unchanged ones are still missing.

What I'd really appreciate is if someone could upload their Steam/graphics directory to FilePlanet or similar so I could try replacing the corrupted files with theirs.

I'll post screenshots soon. Thanks in advance.
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Try checking this...

Originally Posted by PELUXA1 View Post
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