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Amazing, one of my all-time favorite games! Just one thing...

I didn't expect much from this game, but I have to say that I quite simply loved every bit of it!

The witty characters and intriguing story, the amazing music choices, the fun, addicting gameplay and even the spectacular art! I normally hate RPG elements which drag the game and make it longer than it should be, but in Sequence's case I didn't mind at all. Overall, a great game, would recommend it to everyone.

Only one thing I was disappointed about - the ending.


Why did Ky simply give up in the end? Naia really did f**k with his mind.

I was expecting something grand to wrap it all up. I wanted the people who organized the "Tower" to get a taste of their own medicine, to pay for all that they have done.

I was also half-expecting Naia to be one of them and turn out a traitor in the very end and fight Ky or something... But on second thought, that might have been a bit too predictable... Though I would have loved to see it happen.

Also, is there a way to browse through cutscenes? There were some memorable lines that I'd like to hear again without having to replay all the levels. It would also make a cool addition to the "Bonus" screen, in my opinion.

Congratulations on the great game!
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Iridium Studios
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No way to browse through cutscenes, unfortunately. You can directly view the script files at steam/steamapps/common/Sequence/scripts (and edit them if you want)...the corresponding voice files are unfortunately encrypted. I know the YouTube user mallowken has uploaded all the cutscenes to his YouTube account, though, so you can watch them there?

Sorry you didn't like the ending. I wanted a morally ambiguous one...you may have sided against the Tower, but I know a lot of people who told me they didn't particularly object. I'm with Mir, personally.
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But... Mir... wasn't he supposed to be the guy-who-appears-to-be-nice-at-first-sight-but-then-turns-out-he-is-evil? He's fooled you too! You are all fooled!

Well, in any case, it was still a VERY good game, in my opinion! You've done your job perfectly.

As for the cutscenes, that's even better, I was looking for them on YouTube, but they were hard to find. Thank you!
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Thank you Jason (IridiumStudios) for such a great game. I would gladly purchase subsequent releases in good faith. Bought Sequence at 5$, and got some extra copies for friends and my Steam group as well.
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