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Paid £15.99 for this on Amazon, so no idea where the rest of you are getting it, but the most I have seen it for at retail is just under £20. If you're getting it from Steam, well then, there's your answer; Steam's prices have been and always will be a rip off.

In my opinion, it was well worth what I paid for it. But then, I do actually like Total War games, unlike the whining masses it seems. No idea why the haters are still hanging around this serious, but it's bloody hilarious to watch them whining from one game to the next, when all they have to do is leave and never come back. Problem solved.

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"You should be thankful they're not charging $50 for something that is worth that price"

They are charging Australians $50 for this, blame steam not CA.
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$30 for so far 60+ hours of entertainment? Computer games remain the cheapest bang for your entertainment buck you can get, and this one is intense and a full-blown standalone game. You want a ripoff, try Tropico 4's single buildings for $5 a pop or any of my son's favorite Train Simulator reskins for $30-50 bucks a pop.
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Furnished Coin
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I think this is the best DLC they have ever made, definately not "Blood Pack" quality

Basically takes shogun 2 and makes it 100000000x more amazing (Naval battles are a lot more fun and interesting, first person modes beginning to appear and are great, ramming system with ships)

And who doesnt like Last Samurai style Banzai charges against gatling guns!

(BTW you can first person control gatling guns too) and to the above, totally agree with you, a movie that is about 2 hours long costs about 15 dollars to go see, while a pc game of great quality can last you like 200+ hours such as many of the games that CA has so wonderfully created in the TW series.
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Originally Posted by Bollocking View Post
You obviously haven't been playing the Total War Series for very long, otherwise you would obviously see the obvious downward trend CA has gone through.

First of all the DLC crap, I remember fondly back to RTW where modding was easy and mods were plentiful. But they have made it extremely difficult to mod since ETW so they can churn out DLCs which adds *gasps* "Blood!!! (Holy it was free back in RTW) or basically reskinned units/factions (Which holy was also free back then!)

Second, their engine is still clunky as back then. They have barely improved it... at all! Remember how back in RTW you had your Roman Legions walking neatly in formation, and all a sudden in combat they break up their formation to fight 1 on 1 with their enemies? Yeah wow, that hasn't changed at ALL.

Third, the content in general has decreased. ETW's factional units were basically all reskins of other factions, even moreso for Shogun. Where is the unit variety like back in RTW where you had phalanxes, legions, barbarians, etc.

Sure, CA is like many other game companies, but a lot of longtime fans like me who have long admired it are very disappointed in its direction.
Ugh! I'm so sick of you nostalgia people! I have been playing TW games from the release of the first one, and they have done nothing but improve with every one. You can't just hold up Shogun 1 and compare it to shogun 2, they were developed in completely different time periods. Shogun 1 was amazing for its time, but compared to the amount spent on content, tech, and art assets in the modern titles it does not hold a flame. People seem to forget that as the tech behind AAA games ramps up, so does the development cost of everything. Sure we had piles of units in RTW, but the entire army was same flipping dude, every last one of them had the same bloody face. Now compare that to S2 were there is fair bit of variety and detail to each them. That takes people, people cost money, this is not always made up for in volume sales of the game. Specially not in the extremely shallow RTS market. Also on a side note, tired of "oh engine is clunky!". I have yet to see any other games in this genre produce a better engine, and I suspect this is largely to people who are in denial of their outdated hardware.

Short Version: Its like buying a clunker used car and then walking into BMW and being "why is this more, they are both cars?" -_-

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Originally Posted by BensonTito View Post
£25??! Are you people nuts? :P A whole £25 and it's 3rd top seller. Good grief, that really is bad.

I'm not telling people how to spend their money, its just very annoying to see a developer/publisher getting a tonne of profit for something that costed next to nothing to make. I would of loved it if people stood up to the greedy ers and just point blank refused to buy it for such a ridiculous price.
So, you haven't played it then? From your post I've surmised that you assume it's bad. You also assume CA/SEGA got a "tonne of profit" (sales are not profit). Lastly, you assume the campaign costed "next to nothing to make."

The price is relevant. As somebody who doesn't proudly flaunt their ignorance on the internet, I can tell you that the expansion is well priced.
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You can get it for £15 free delivery on Amazon

"A fool and his money are soon parted"
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