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This was fun while it lasted. Stuck. PUZZLE SPOILER

Utterly stuck on a particular puzzle. I have even looked up the solution in a walkthrough and simply can't get it to work.

Near what I presume is the very end of the game is a puzzle involving the 'Orchestra' flower pot.

I know that I have to hit the flowers in a particular sequence with /utterly perfect timing./ I guess my timing is hopelessly off, and I just can't get this to work.

Was this designed to be frustrating and is working as intended? If so, it would have been nice to have been exposed to such a puzzle in a demo. Now my money is spent and I don't think I'll ever get past this point it the game. A bit disappointed, honestly.

Edited to add:

After being told for the 23rd time (YES I HAVE COUNTED) to be 'careful with the rhythm!' I have decided to do something else with my time.

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I'm stuck on this exact puzzle and for the life of me just can't get it. I've never had this much trouble doing something so mundane in a game before. The only "walkthrough" video I've seen was in German so that was little help, and towards the end he skipped showing how to solve it anyways.

Was a fun game until now. Kinda sad I may have to give up as well.
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Old 05-06-2011, 10:31 AM   #3
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Yeah, this took me a while to figure out as well. First you have to make sure to exclude the wrong sounds (There are two, easy to figure out since they aren't instruments), but they change around every time you make a mistake and are forced to start over.

So select one flower then turn it off, and do this with every flower. Once you know what 4 instruments are correct, you start with one and pay attention to the musical note that floats upwards on the left or right of the screen in the darkness.

Once the note shatters, you select the next viable flower/instrument and it should join the original tune without withering and making you start over. Do this two more times and that should be it.
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Old 05-09-2011, 03:20 PM   #4
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This helped me
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I can't make this work either. Whoever thought this puzzle was a good idea needs to be made listen to Armando for 24 hours straight.
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thanks to this walkthrogh http://gamrgrl.blogspot.cz/2011/04/w...big-thing.html i found that you need to activate instruments in rigt order (piano, drums, cello, violin). before this i could not complete it.
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It's definitely a tough puzzle (only because of the necessary timing). I'd suggest taking a break, and coming back when you are more relaxed.

I just beat the game yesterday (currently playing Yesterday (also awesome game!!!)). I was surprised at how wacky it was (definitely reminds of Hollywood Monsters, the original "Next BIG Thing" (check it out)).

Great ending too. I can't remember an adventure game that ended so perfectly.
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I think i found the answer, the colors and order of instruments are not important, you have to eliminate the 2 that are not instruments and start one flower that is, you have to start another one exactly when the note breaks, it's more of a timing puzzle then anything else, hope it helps.
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