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Red face Incredibly annoying.

This is for NBA 2K12

I played a game last night where my player got injured with back spasms, it was okay though because I got the option to play through the injury which I did, but then I received a whole lot of bugs, I don't know if the two are related. First, the game skipped over my next scheduled game, the team played it, but I didn't for some reason and I got no option here (the team lost as well which was annoying). Then in my next game my accuracy was lower, usually I'll have six yellow bars inside, close range and medium range and four outside, in this game I had four close range, inside and mid range and from outside I had three. What the hell? This wasn't because I was tired because I wasn't, is this because of my injury or what? And now for the biggest bug, when the game brings up my stats for the past ten games everything's at zero,like I haven't played the past ten games, WHICH I HAVE. My stats should be fifty five percent FG%, seventy points a game, four rebounds a game, two steels, two blocks and ninety percent free throw %. But now when it brings up my stats in the last ten games (when I'm going for a free throw)EVERYTHING is on zero. Can someone please tell me this has happened to them before. What do I do? Will the game correct itself or what??
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