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Rapid fire - RE?


Had a quick question, I checked the manual and it says I should be able to start rapid fire by mashing the shot button repeatedly. I've been trying but for the life of me can not get the rapid shot to activate. Does anyone else have issues with this, and does that mean I'm forced to use the separate button? Is this bug or expected behavior? Thanks.
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Fired the game up to test and it seems I can't either. I don't use Eryth much but I vaguely remember it working in the past.

Edit: Okay, tried faking it by mapping multiple keys to the Shot button and it does work, but the speed requirement is insane. It seems to be around 10 presses per second. Even if that's humanly possible to sustain at all (let alone without sacrificing control precision elsewhere) it'd still be a bad idea due to RSI.

Edit2: And curiously enough it does not work in Demonic Shift. After the first few shots it just stops firing for a short time as if there was a bullet cap, then a few more shots, then nothing again, etc. ultimately slower than holding the Rapid button.

I don't know how much of the above is expected. I've heard holding Rapid is supposed to be slower than mashing Shot to make it worth doing the latter, but this doesn't seem to be the case and holding Rapid (which you can do while holding Shot, so map them nearby) is easier on your thumb anyway.

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