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The Dutchman
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Post Update: After Action Report

Forget the chat, let's get straight to the point:

1. Players maxed out and crashed 3-4 servers within the last two days.

2. The average amount of players online (per server) was 25-30.

3. Mass amounts of chat were heard concerning the "medic" class.

4. Pings were as high as 490 on some players/servers.

5a. Not a single player could be found playing on the map dm_fortress_trex/obj_fortress.

5b. Most played maps: 1. dm/cp_snowypark 2. dm/cp_triona 3. dm_market

That about sums it up.

Want to tell about your experience during this update?

Post about it below!
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In the first day I was playing on some american(westcoast?) server with 210+ ping. Two times the game crashed to desktop with a soundloop (a short one, sounds like some noise). Usually you can get rid of any soundloop by closing the game exe that's still running in the background with the task manager but it didn't work. I had to restart my whole computer. (Win7 64, Ati 5780 - catalyst 12.1, Xonar DG with Xonar driver, game in windowed mode).
Second day - no problems, so maybe it was the server.

-been on a full server a few times but before 20:00 its still pretty sparse

-no good servers left, slayer's is off and the official ones play koth and ctf - unbearable.

-while the east coast servers are pingy but still good and playable the better populated servers are unfortunately the west coast ones ...or even worse - australian.

To the game itself:
-I need more play hours before I know what things to complain about and whether the balance changes were useful (I don't understand why the buff for micro was necessary, he's already almost impossible to hit if played right) but I'm

-happy to see the compy gone -definitely an improvement- although imo it doesn't go far enough.

-Camille is fun to play now that she doesn't die so easy

-The Rabbit is actually only a cosmetic improvement but it doesn't really make the game better for Ilona. Before the patch it was possible to get a new rabbit too - by entering the spawn area, changing class and changing back to Ilona. Now it's faster but still the same gameplay wise.
Ilona needs either more rabbits, a rabbit that recharges (like the special attacks) or at least a rabbit that lasts longer and pulls the dinos with more force.

some bugs and problems are still here:
-playing in windowed mode: game lags extremely when you are on low health and the heartbeat is playing...using a medpack helps to get the frame rate back up.
-head stuck in wall, nuff said

oh and: the status faces are awesome. Especially the half hurt philosoraptor
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