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Help Wanted - Battle Royale Mod (Need a FULL Team)

There is no work in progress on this mod. This mod requires a full development team including programmers, developers, mappers, modelers, artists, testers, writers, sound developers, and voice actors. I can handle the website, marketing, management (unless you would rather) and any necessary costs within reason. This will be a play for free mod. If you're looking to get paid for your work, this is not the project for you. The goal here is to develop an enjoyable and interesting mod and build your resume. If down the line, there is any ability to generate revenue, the compensation will be evenly distributed based on contribution to the project and will be open for discussion. I want to emphasize that I am looking for people with good interpersonal skills and a good working relationship. Time and quality are also important, but as this is a new project, there are no requirements for either as of yet. I'm looking to have a team that works well together for future projects as well. I would like to start a profitable business in the long run.

If you are interested, you can send me an email at jjmalais@gmail.com

Had this idea years ago and an old acquaintance on STEAM was programming it, nothing really got done. Anyway...the mod would be based off the movie Battle Royale (or the newer movie Hunger Games). For information, check out:


Essentially it's last-man standing. The story is that these students are abducted and put on an Island and must play a game of survival. They are put in different locations and must fight and kill the other students to survive. They are given a different weapon which may or may not be useful and must progress while staying alive. They have explosive collars attached to their necks which explode if they try to escape (in this case, we will have zones on our map that will lockout the further areas of the map, bringing the players closer and closer together). The winner is the last one standing and wins his/her freedom (in this case, we will give that player their choice of weapon to start the next round or at least an item of importance).

The Setup:
- Deathmatch up to 32 Players (Optional teams of 2)
- Small/Medium/Large/XLarge Sized, Circular Maps
- 50+ types of weapons (ranging from scissors to a rocket launcher)

I think this type of game is best suited as a STEAM mod, because of the engine's proven capabilities and ease of use. The community is large and supportive as well.
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I think that it will become rather boring after a while.
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What will you be doing? Apart from the marketing?
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I would consider your team but for future reference please take in this advice,

If your starting a recruitment thread you should have a complete GDD you can show along with some concept art, in addition to these you should also have a liable test map. Without these how can you expect people to participate because just saying you have an idea means nothing.

Until you are ready to recruit work under the hood asking people to join in secret until you have enough content for recruitment.

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