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How to Win a Warlord T-shirt

Any day now Iron Grip: Warlord’s latest expansion, Scorched Earth, will go live on Steam. Of course we will have a big promotion event, and plan to give away several keys for the complete pack including both the original game and the expansion in the coming days!

What’s all this about a Warlord T-shirt?
When the Expansion comes out, those who play the Deathmatch Mode will be ranked in an online Hall of Fame, where there will also be a countdown timer. Every time the countdown reaches zero, the player on top of the leaderboard will get a free Deathmatch Champion T-shirt!

Click on the image to enlarge.

So how can you win that T-shirt? Play the brand new Deathmatch Mode in Iron Grip: Warlord – Scorched Earth and make sure nobody can beat you on the Hall of Fame!

PS. The T-shirt can be won only once per player.
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The contest is internationally? Well, it doesn't count anyway, I'm a suck player. :P
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I need a new shirt
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I need the new patch.
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