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How to make Combines run towards the player from across the map

I'm making a Garry's Mod map in which the objective is to survive a constant rush of Combine soldiers, who spawn on the other side of the max-size map.

What's the best way to make this happen? I've tried using the assault system, and that works remarkably well for the first Combine to spawn, but after a while they stop coming and go back to just loitering around their spawn (I think it's because they run out of rally points).

Also, I need them to shoot at prop_physics. Could this be done with a npc_relationship entity, or do I have to use Gmod's lua_run to run custom AI code?
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For the combine soldiers going after a player from across the map, create an aiscripted_schedule. set its name to whatever you want, set it to "Run to goal entity". Set the goal entity to !player, and target npc to npc_combine_s. After this, apply an output on your npc spawners:
OnSpawn <Your schedule name here> Startschecule
For them to shoot at a physics prop you should make an npc_bullseye and place it in front of the prop. Then, place an ai_relationship and just set npc_combine_s to hate npc_bullseye with a priority of 14, then have an output to apply the relationship for each spawned combine soldier.
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