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Hints and Greets

@ LGM, keep up the good Work!


1. The Game is NOT a Simulation like X, Wing Commander, Eve and such games. It is more like the old Pirates, bording Ships, searching treasures.

2. You can cantrol the Game nearly compleatly with the Mouse. RMB to select a target, the camara look automaticly to the target. LMB to navigate. RMB on your own ship give the camara back to front. @ LGM, the camara is useful, when you rewrite the camara control give a checkbox in the option menue to set back to original.

3. To use cloak or repair you need the device AND the ablity by leveling. The "+" Symbol. then lay the icon on the toolbar to aktivate cloak and repair with the LMB.

4. Naturly a dreadnought or a battleship have problems to navigate in a Meteorit field.

5. RMB on a item gives a description.

6. have you grafic giltches deactivate the forced AA in your grafic driver.
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