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Version 1.1.2?

Hi there. I just bought Fate of the World Tipping Point the other day, and it says it is the version 1.1.2, but I thought the 1.1.3 is released already.

I'm very new on Steam, so I don't know. Will it get updated by itself, or do I have to purchase and update if I want to?

Also, what does a yellow star on the cards mean?
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A star on a card means it's the first turn the card has been available in that region.
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Hello there. Games on Steam do update automatically. This is the first time I've heard of version 1.1.3, which turns out to be released, but only as a tiny technical tweak and a German and Dutch localization for a boxed release in Germany. That page says that 1.1.4 will be out to everyone "soon," but we have no way of telling what's soon to the developers.
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