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How Nova Could Really Make Money...

I believe most people who have played them would agree, the early Delta Force Games (pre-BHD) are in desprate need of an update. Nova really needs to release the source code to at least its voxel-space engine based games. I mean look whats been done to the old id software games! We could have things like widescreen! Personally I would be happy if we could just clear up the issues with the existing hardware render. Oh in relation to the topic: how many more people would buy the old Nova games if modern source ports were available?
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AFAIK, Novalogic is supplying their voxel based programs (and others, but mainly voxel) to US army and USAF.

Success in the consumer military simulation market brought NovaLogic to the attention of the US Army. In 1999 NovaLogic Systems Inc. (NLS) was established to capitalize on the technologies NovaLogic had developed for the gaming market by bringing them to the military and civilian training communities. NLS has worked with several US Army commands, notably as provider of training software for the Land Warrior soldier system. NovaLogic also has continued strategic partnerships with defense contractors such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Sikorsky.
from: http://www.novalogic.com/corp_history.asp

and a PDF file: Global media discourse: a critical introduction (if ur interested google it)

OMPV, game publish < military contracts

No reason why NL should support current gaming, meanwhile they could re-use their old engines as cashcow.

Military tech. are rather old on our point of view, but considering "proven" to work on most systems with proven technology, (Did you read the news regarding the main control unit on space shuttle?) those higher people want something that is rather "yup it works" deal than "wooo, look @ that explosion!!!".

NovaLogic's technology for integration across a broad spectrum of applications, and U.S. and international armed forces are assessing NovaLogic's patented Voxel Space(R) graphics technology, featured in consumer-level simulations like Armored Fist(R) 2 and Comanche(R) Gold, for use in their own projects.
NL has gone beyond...

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A redux of DF2 would make me scream like a little girl. I had an unhealthy addiction to that game during my spring breaks of school. 1999-2005 is where I literally played ONLY Delta Force 2. Haven't found a game since that's been nearly as addicting for me.
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Didn't realize Nova is still around (also didn't see this Topic until today) Never played the early NL games, I started with Black Hawk Down and still love that game. Took me quite a while to beat BHD. Also love Comanche 4. never did beat that one.even in "wimp" mode.

Military is where the $$$$ are for sure, making combat sims. Good for them. I always liked Nova.

Back to the topic, I bought the entire NL collection a while back when Steam had it on sale, plus I do have a DVD collection of the pre-BHD games, just never played them.
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I'm always amazed when I look at Nova Logic. They're titles are obscure and their profits, not exactly big, but damn it, they're still around, even when titans like Acclaim Entertainment fell. John Garcia (Founder) sure knows his way around money, that's for sure.

Nova Logic are probably in my top 10 list for most loyal developers when it comes to modding and the overall player-oriented design of their games. Sure, they may not exactly get great reviews from critics all the time, but those critics can blow it out their , since any and every gamer who plays their titles absolutely loves them.

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