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Will using the SMAA injector trigger VAC?

Hello mates.

I had downloaded this injector from its official link here.

I had originally used this injector for Borderlands (which has no anti-aliasing option, looks horrible without AA, and runs horribly with MSAA).

I had then applied it to Dead Island, which I at the time I was unaware was protected by VAC (which, upon research, seems unnecessary anyway and only has the effect of scaring those who want to modify the game, but that is besides the point). When I had learned that it was in fact protected by VAC, I had already known that some people on the forums hold the belief that these graphics injectors such as FXAA and SMAA can get you banned on VAC-related games.

To my knowledge, the injector does not modify any files which are currently present in the folder containing my executable and any other folders in that filepath. However, it does contain the "d3d9.dll" file, and, if I recall correctly, VAC checks .dll and .exe files present inside the game folders in order to tell if someone is cheating.

I had sent in a ticket about this last Friday, but had not gotten a reply about it yet, which I find concerning.

Does someone have any definitive knowledge about the subject?
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