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Trackmania Nations settings not working

My problem is this: I set my settings, but regardless of my choices, TMNF forces always the lowest resolution of 640x480 and the lowest possible settings. How do I get my settings to work?

My specs:
i5 2500k @3.3 GHz
Radeon HD6870
8GB of RAM

Edit: After further scrutiny it actually seems that it is indeed running it at the correct resolution of 1920x1080, but the textures, even on the highest settings, just are really smutty and ugly. Is this game really this ugly or is there something wrong with my textures? Even the stopwatch and all the texts are really blurry.

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Check to make sure your Catalyst AI settings are at Quality/High Quality. Sounds like you have the texture filtering toggled to Low.

Also, when you launch Trackmania from Steam, choose to open the Trackmania Settings program and go to the Advanced settings and make sure the Textures Quality and Filtering are set to High and Anistropic 16x (under the Display tab).

If you want to get tweaky, download and use Radeon Pro to a create custom driver settings for games with your card:

Use it to create a custom profile for Trackmania so you can make sure you are forcing the highest texture quality and mip-map settings for CCC when the game runs.

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