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Post A console player's last log

Let me just say, that as an Orange Box player myself, I sympathize with you guys. I've moved to PC after tasting the PC version and though I like it better, some just prefer consoles. That's okay, there are many pros to consoles. You don't have to read system requirements, it doesn't cost 200 dollars a year for a graphics card, and couch + 18 inch HDTV with surround sound beats computer chair + 15 inch LCD monitor. And while KB+M may be more accurate, WASD isn't that comfortable for some, and you may prefer the comforts of four face buttons and an analog stick.

Anyways, I wanted updates for the longest time. I scoured Google every day, searching for "TF2 360 update" and hit every hopeful link, thinking maybe, just MAYBE, they came through for us. That was back in '07 and '08. '09 was dead. Might have been a bit of hope, but it was clear that the PC was leaving us behind. I still only had a 360 at the time, and played the h--- out of cp_dustbowl into the wee hours of the night, and I remember the fun I had. Shooting through the gates, making due without airblasts, taking down level 3 sentries the hard way, and getting the occasional Zero-G server. There was no Demoknight, there was no Robin Hood sniper, just vanilla TF2. I remember checking the Wiki every day and salivating at the weapons,maps, and mods that PC players took for granted, not knowing (or perhaps caring) that we console players desired them so badly. I pretty much sat on the sidelines as new content rolled in, sad, yet at the same time grateful that we had TF2 in the first place.

Now, the game is pretty much a desert. You can find a few games going, but after owning the PC version, it's really hard to adjust to not having the comforts we enjoy on the PC. No Jarate, no moving buildings, and level 3 teleporters, dispensers, no bugfixes, and no voice commands (at least, without hacking.)

Before this seems like a memoir that's gone on too long, let me get to the meat of the story:

Many have mentioned it already, but it's IMPOSSIBLE. I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E to get the updates we crave.
Size of TF2 on disk= ~10616 MB.
Fit THAT on a 256 MB memory card. Unlike the PS3 or PC, an Xbox 360 does not come with a hard drive by default on some models, so you cannot guarantee that everybody would be able to download the content, and no, you can't "not download it" because to keep compatibility, EVERYBODY would have the content, it would be locked for those who _didn't pay for it_ (no free updates, remember?) so a title update would be needed to INCLUDE said content so that non-haves can play with haves.

Second, all weapons must be checked in RAM. That means for every shot, a check for weapon type, bullet effects, weapon model, weapon texture, sound... yeah, you get the idea. And add 16 players with different weapons (not to mention hats and other misc items) and it becomes a mess even on PC. Even without hats, it's still a lot. Not to mention new dialogue, which needs to be called an played, and all the maps that need to be stored...

It is quite simply TOO MUCH for the 256 MB (PS3 ram, even with CELL processing it's hard to manage) and 512 MB (That was the original MINIMUM requirement, now most recommend at least 1 GB RAM to even run it with all the general tomfoolery that's been added now.)

Third, it simply could not be patched to the degree you want. As said before, Valve's ideals and Sony and Microsoft's business practices differ too greatly. Sony and MS want control over their system and what gets put on their servers (Who doesn't?) and Valve wants things to be a bi freer.

Before somebody jumps down my throat defending the DLC practices, saying I am a Valve Hammer Legion Member, let me say this: BOTH are at fault. Valve needs to face the fact that they play by other rules on consoles. They should have sucked it up,and maybe we wouldn't have been in this mess in the first place. MS and Sony need to loosen up,and may find that allowing Devs to connect to their own servers might actually ease the load and cost them less money. We clear?

Sorry for typing an essay, but I wanted to share my feelings on the matter.

UPDATES AIN'T HAPPENING. No "Gold edition" or update can fix this game. Not a digital re-release, no petition, no email spam, no nice letters. At this point, it is not profitable nor practical, so enjoy it while you have it, or get a PC and play the new version. It's the incredibly sad and heart-wrenching truth, but I felt I needed to type this. This is one of the best communities I've seen for a simpleconsole shooter, and I'm sad to see it fall so far from where it should be.

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