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New maps have one particular good point...

I get on to the leaderboard, \0/ ...for a little while at least.
(incidentally, that big tower at the start of Echo is diabolical. Diabolical, I tell you).

I like em though. Good stuff.
Two of them in particular aren't too hard, which is nice. I think they are still fairly hard though. I keep bumping into people who can't get into this game because they don't seem to grasp what's possible and give up before their skills really develop (some people don't think you can even go very fast).
Yeah, I know you can't cater to everyone. Still I think the next couple should be really easy to stumble through and short. The hardcore can still amuse themselves by shaving miliseconds off their time. The rest can feel good for at least finishing the map on the first try.
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Is there a demo recording feature in this game?
I'd like to see how fast you can move with some skill.
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